A new Security Update was released today by Niantic Labs on the game’s servers. The latest update is targeting all third party apps that use the unofficial “Pokemon Go” API. The game developer has made a more efficient security measure this time that the third party development community has not been able to find a solution yet.

Security update

Niantic Labs has been rolling out security updates to “Pokemon Go” since its release in 2016. However, third party apps have been able to survive each update that the game developer releases. The most recent release is causing them a headache as the measure is more efficient than the previously released ones.

This security update does not target GPS Spoofers. Instead, it is after the accounts that are utilized by third-party apps such as online trackers, IV Checkers, and bots. In addition, it does not disable the API, but flags account in a much aggressive way. This results in a massive number of shadow bans, warnings, and flagged or tainted IPs.

So far, according to a report by the PokemonGOhub, the exact mechanism and the behavior as to how the bans are made are still unknown. However, it was revealed that the latest mechanism is more efficient than the previous releases. The site also revealed that the third-party development community including PoGODev, Rocket Map, Bossland, Monocle, Waryas have already collaborated to solve the pressing issue.

As of press time, they are still not able to come up with a possible solution.

Mewtwo release date

Meanwhile, the community is now waiting for the release of the legendary pocket monster Mewtwo in the new Exclusive Raids of the game. There are speculations that the Psychic-type creature will arrive after the departure of the Legendary Birds in the game.

Articuno, Lugia, Moltres, and Zapdos are available now in the Raids. They will officially exit the augmented reality game on August 31.

The recent speculations stemmed from the latest newsletter sent by the company to its players in the UK. The newsletter allegedly hinted on the legendary creature’s release in the game by asking players to enjoy the four Legendary Birds for the meantime.

The general assumption in the community right now is that Mewtwo will arrive on September 1.

The date also coincides with the mansion journal of the franchise. The journal is found in the Gen 1 games and tells of the diary entries of a Pokemon researcher. It was also on September 1 when the researcher wrote that they failed to control Mewtwo as it became more powerful. So far, these are all speculations. September is just a few days away, and hopefully, fans could see the release of Mewtwo in “Pokemon Go” Exclusive Raids.