In “Overwatch,” a hero is only as effective as the player. This is what makes the game really interesting. No overpowered characters are present, as they all have their own counters.

Still, the question remains," How can one be an effective player in “Overwatch?” This is actually not that difficult to answer, but the implementation relies on the player. Below are some tips that you can keep in mind when you play the game. Remember only you have the power to become efficient.

Play the character(s) you are familiar with

Blizzard gave players the freedom to change their characters in the game from time to time.

Unlike other MOBA titles, players are not confined to the hero they pick at the beginning of a match. They can change their pick to whichever character they deem necessary for a certain match. However, this can sometimes be a roadblock to achieving success in the game.

The flexibility can sometimes tempt a player to adjust his pick according to heroes that he thinks is efficient. But most of the time, this decision fails to result in success. Why? Because they pick or change heroes without considering familiarity. In “Overwatch,” it is important that you play with a character that you know how to use. If you want to try a different one, do not do this in Competitive Play. Instead, practice characters you are unfamiliar in either Quick Play or training mode.

Consider the team’s comp

This is where players usually fail. They just do not understand the value of having a solid team comp. Even if they do, they fail to recognize its value. As a result, they end up in the lower tier. They just cannot move past it. So, as much as possible consider always if the hero you are going to pick will complement the team’s overall comp.

For instance, you know that your team badly needs a healer. If this happens, just simply change to a healer like Mercy or Lucio. Besides, this kind of characters is not difficult to utilize. You just need to be there for the team and provide healing or boosting.

Work with the team

Blizzard has said it over and over again that “Overwatch” is a team-based shooter game.

However, players fail to acknowledge this. They tend to do things on their own, leaving their team behind. You have probably seen players try to advance without considering the consequences. You certainly agree that most of the time they fail. Why? Because they do not play as a team. In the game, try to do things like advancing together. Do not just rush in all by yourself. This will only put your allies in jeopardy.