A new developer diary of “Friday the 13th: The Game” was recently released. The new video gives fans a sneak peek in the upcoming Spring Break 1984 Patch of the video game. It also reveals the swimsuits that will soon arrive in the asymmetrical horror title.

Latest Developer Diary and new game mode

On the official YouTube account of Gun Media, the publisher shares a new developer diary video highlighting the story of the game developer, Illfonic. The new video starts with the company’s CEO Chuck Brungardt narrating the history of Illfonic. After more talking about the journey with the asymmetrical horror title, they revealed information about what the team is currently on.

David Langeliers, the Creative Manager for Illfonic, shared that the team has been working on a new game mode for “Friday the 13th: The Game.” While the creative manager did not go into details about what the new game mode is all about, he did say that it would be available soon.

Spring Break Patch 1984

In the same video, the team revealed the upcoming Spring Break 1984 Patch of “Friday the 13th: The Game.” The patch will introduce new outfits for all the playable counselors in the asymmetrical horror title. The outfits will be in the form of swimwear. This time, players will see their favorite Counselors in bikinis and swimming trunks to name a few options.

So far, among the characters in the game, only Tiffany Cox is seen wearing a bikini.

Living up to her reputation as "The Flirty Girl" in the franchise, it is just right to have her flaunt her skimpy outfit first. With the next patch, other counselors will join her as they run for their lives in swimming suits. There are also quick previews that show Deborah and Vanessa wearing their respective one-piece bathing suits.

Upcoming update

Meanwhile, Gun Media recently released a statement concerning the release details of the next update that will arrive in the game. On the game’s subreddit, a user named ThePraetorian shared that the company has internal projections about the next update. However, this projection is just their tentative and ideal target for the release of the update.

ThePraetorian said that while the projections are target schedules, they can still change due to some unforeseen event that pops up during the development process.

These possible problems are one of the reasons why Gun Media did not give a specific release date for the next update. ThePraetorian added that they would like to know for 100 percent when giving out dates so as not to disappoint the community. The next big update that they will release for “Friday the 13th: The Game” will have a new playable Jason, three smaller maps, a couple of new counselors, and new emotes.