Many have wondered why no matter how skillful they are, they still rank low in “Overwatch.” They always think it had something to do with the game’s ranking system. Heck, they would even blame Blizzard for their mishap.

In reality, it all boils down to a player’s effectiveness in “Overwatch.” Because until they acknowledge their misdoings, their chances of ranking high are close to none. Below are some common reasons why you barely make it to the top. Check them out!

You lack team skill

Team skill does not just mean having the ability to communicate in attacking or defending.

It is more about being a team player, one that does things for the team. This is where players tend to plummet. They sometimes do things without considering the possible outcome.

For instance, you are advancing a payload, but instead of actually staying together, you try to move forward all by yourself. This is called overextension. This happens when a player moves past the defending area and try to move forward. It is not a crime to go after opponents, but you must know when and where to stop.

You are impatient

This is so true in most MOBA titles like “Overwatch” nowadays. Players have lost their patience and would do things without thinking hard. One example is when players try to capture an objective.

Whenever their ultimates are ready, they deploy them without considering the availability of their allies. As a result, they get owned by the opposing team.

It is important that you maintain patience in the game. Do things slowly but surely and you will get to the top. Do not force yourself to make plays that would not benefit the team as a whole.

If you think it is better to synchronize the ultimates, then keep your ultimate. Deploy it when others deploy theirs.

You talk trash or bash other players

Believe it or not, one of the causes for not being able to play as a team is toxicity. Players bash their allies just because a single play is not implemented. They bash their supports just because they are not available to heal them.

You see, this only creates tension. It only makes your team’s composure worse. Instead of talking trash, chat to them nicely. If you are to ask a favor, still chat to them nicely.

Remember that in “Overwatch,” you need each other to be successful. Besides, you certainly do not want to be trashed by your teammates, right? If that is the case, then do not act arrogant. Be the kind of player that can easily be liked.