In “Overwatch,” there are tons of characters to choose from. Almost all of them can guarantee a help in winning a match. However, it cannot be denied that tanks are among the most significant. They just help the team in a lot of ways.

When talking about tank heroes in “Overwatch,” it is crime not to include Zarya. The character who hails from Russia has the skill kit enough to turn down an enemy team. But how can one use her efficiently on the battlefield? Well, check out some of the tips below.

Learn when to use the beam and the explosive

Zarya’s main weapon is called Particle Cannon, and it’s capable of shooting two types of firepower.

The first one is a short-range beam, while the second one is an explosive AoE charge. Either way, they can provide the hero with the right amount of damage in the game. Unfortunately, not everyone understands the important of using these powers alternatively.

There are situations in “Overwatch” where the beam can be more useful than the explosive and vice versa. For instance, if the enemy team group up in a single place, then the best one to use here is the explosive. If going up against Genji, the beam is the best choice as he cannot deflect it. It is definitely all about understanding when to use the correct firepower.

Abuse the Particle Barrier

This is Zarya’s main asset in “Overwatch” really.

It helps her to have a slight advantage over her enemies. The key here is to keep using it, but of course, anticipation is still needed. One just cannot use it in situations where it is not really needed. Sometimes, the best time to utilize the Particle Barrier is when advancing or in the middle of a clash.

Keep in mind, too, that while the barrier is up, Zarya’s firepower increases.

Basically, the barrier absorbs damage and gives the character additional firepower. This makes her a very lethal hero on the battlefield, most especially if she has a support with her.

Synchronize her ultimate

Zarya’s ultimate in “Overwatch” is called Graviton Surge. When launched, it keeps the targets in one single place. These targets are disabled, giving the team a chance to wipe them out.

This is where players need to be wise in deploying Zarya’s ultimate. Remember that it works best with characters that have AoE ultimate, such as Hanzo, Pharah, and Genji.

However, its effectiveness depends on the user of Zarya. He/she must be patient enough and anticipate when the best time or situation to deploy it. It takes a little practice, but if mastered, the chances of ranking up are high.