Recently, Blizzard has teased the arrival of a new map in “Overwatch.” However, the studio does not plan to release on the official servers right away. They are preparing for something huge.

It was the studio’s very own production director Chacko Sonny who confirmed that Junkertown would be the newest “Overwatch” map. It is going to be an objective map, but there will be a catch. Well, here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Introducing Junkertown map

For players to experience the map above first hand, they will have to attend the upcoming Gamescom.

The company already revealed that they are going to unleash it on the show floor. But of course, this does not mean that it will not arrive on the Public Test Realm. Many even believe that it is going to be available on the test server a week after Gamescom. Besides, this has been the pattern the studio used ever since, unless if they state otherwise.

The new “Overwatch” map was introduced via brand new trailer, which features the crime duo Junkrat and Roadhog. As per the footage, they were kicked out of their original home for certain reasons. Unfortunately, not one of them was able to remember. This is where the two tries to concoct a scheme that involves explosives and, of course, cash. This map is without a doubt of the most interesting yet from Blizzard.

How the new map works

Since Junkertown map is an objective map, “Overwatch” players will be escorting a payload. The latter is said to be heavy and is stocked with a terminus that is just outside “the boss place.” The video, however, didn’t explain who this boss is. Perhaps players will discover it within the game. Interestingly, Junkrat also mentions the existence of a “Queen.” The community believes that these could be the very heads of the local junker gangs.

Either that, Blizzard, has really prepared something huge.

Meanwhile, many are complaining about the efficiency of Lucioball in “Overwatch.” According to Dot Esports, the arcade mode did not exactly capture the hearts of many. Most players feel that it is dragging and that it is completely the opposite of Lucio. It is worth noting that the character is known to be bursting with speed, aside from the fact that he is a healer.

Players also pinpointed the nerf Blizzard did to him and how it affected the game mode’s excitement. Overall, Lucioball did not live up to the expectations of many. Players were expecting a fast-paced game mode, but Lucioball is far from being one.