In “Overwatch,” one of the most valued characters in the roster are the support heroes. They help keep their teammates alive while giving them the boost they need on the battlefield. It is why most of the success in matches can be attributed to supports.

In this department, among the most popular ones is none other Ana. In “Overwatch,” not only can she heal his teammates, she can also disable opponents. Below are some tips on how to become the best Ana in the game.

Level up your Scope accuracy

The beauty about Ana is her sniper rifle. She can heal her teammates from a distance, giving her and her allies leverage over their opponents.

This is where players should learn to be accurate with their scope. The only catch, though, is it can sometimes be difficult. Remember, too, that while using her scope, her movement is slowed and she cannot even jump.

Nevertheless, one this is mastered by “Overwatch” players, they will not have any problem providing support from a distance. Also, this will give Ana a window to take down any flankers such as Pharah and Genji. So, as much as possible, learn to use her sniper rifle accordingly to acquire a huge advantage.

The Biotic Grenade

This one here is Ana’s AOE skill in “Overwatch.” It allows her to heal his allies and/or damage his enemies. The key here is to utilize the grenade in situations in which enemies can be affected.

It is also perfect for situations in which teammates need mass healing.

This is really a great skill to be utilized over and over again. As much as possible, do not waste it on a single target. Reserve it for mass healing. The Biotic Grenade is a great tool in giving the team a huge boost when advancing.

Nano Boost needs to be timely

This really makes Ana a great teammates in “Overwatch.” Her nano boost can give one of her allies the combat boost needed to either attack and/or defend an objective. The target can provide more damage and deal less damage from any incoming attacks. However, the most common mistake here is giving the boost to the incorrect hero.

For instance, instead of giving it to Reinhardt, some Ana players give it to the likes of Hanzo. Instead of Genji, some give it to the likes to Tracer. Nano Boost should be used to heroes who can easily go in and out of a battlefield. They are the ones who really need it the most.

Also, Nano Boost should be used timely and efficiently. If the team has the firepower to advance, then give the boost right. If not, it is better to hold it off and wait for the right time.