Almost everyone in “Overwatch” wants to play DPS characters. After all, they all want to have that firepower. They just think that these heroes are the best ones when it comes to fighting.

Speaking of DPS, among the most used is none other Soldier: 76. This is perhaps because he is not so difficult to use. He is basically the “Call of Duty” hero in “Overwatch.” Nonetheless, not everyone can deliver a mind-blowing performance using him. Well, below are some tips to help players get going with this character.

Try the 4-bullet trick

Like most heroes in the game, Soldier: 76 tends to spread his fire or bullets.

This happens after a total of four bullets are fired. There is nothing wrong with this, though. It is only necessary for MOBA titles like this one from Blizzard.

Interestingly, his first four bullets do not spread. These are enough to be used as an exploit. The idea is to simply use his rifle four bullets at a time while hitting at targets. Not only will the accuracy increase, his firing rate will even be smoother.

Use his healing to the team’s advantage

One of the things that make Soldier: 76 a likable hero in “Overwatch” is his healing ability. Whenever the going gets tough, he can simply go at a side and deploy his Biotic Field. But sometimes, it is best to deploy it in an area in which the team can benefit the most.

This is most especially when defending a point.

It can provide the other heroes a slight advantage over their opponents. So, as much as possible, use it whenever an ally or two needs it. This is why he is sometimes called a utility character in the game.

Aim for one-shot using the rockets

Like other characters in “Overwatch,” Soldier: 76 has the ability to one-shot heroes using his Helix Rockets.

Basically, he shoots three spiraling rockets at a target. It is so lethal that it can easily eliminate any opponent in just a blink of an eye.

However, the Helix Rockets do not necessarily one-shot heroes with larger health base. These are namely, Roadhog, Reinhardt, and Zarya, among others. So, the best heroes to use it on are the support or utility heroes such as Ana, Zenyatta, and Mercy.

Use his ultimate very wisely

The beauty of Soldier: 76 in “Overwatch” is his Tactical Visor. He goes on a firing spree with his accuracy boosted to 100 percent. That is because his aim is locked onto enemies. There is just no getting out of it. But remember, though, that it can be rendered useless by mass healing abilities such as Zenyatta’s. So, as much as possible, only use it in situations where the opponents are likely to use these skill.