Hideo Kojima’s “Death Stranding could still be in early stages of development as opposed to what most fans believe that it will be out next year. Hollywood star Mads Mikkelsen recently revealed that he is not yet done filming some scenes for the PS4 exclusive game.

Acting in a video game is different from a film

In his latest interview at a recent comic convention in Korea, Mikkelsen talked about some of the processes involved in acting for a video game character contrary to portraying a role in a Hollywood film.

The versatile actor shared that acting for a character in a video game is hugely different than acting in movies.

The difference is that that game’s scenes are so small and there are lots of cameras used during filming in the green screen room.

He added that to give life to a video game character, he needs to make various facial expressions and movements on-screen. Then, Kojima will polish these cutscenes using computer animation techniques.

Filming scenes not done yet

When quizzed if he is willing to act for another video game similar to what he did for “Death Stranding,” Mikkelsen surprisingly revealed that he is not even done filming for some scenes yet.

The actor then expressed his admiration for Hideo Kojima and described him as a fantastic and inspiring man who has a brain that functions differently from other people.

He added saying that he cannot wait to see the full game when it is finished.

Development in early stages

Based on Mikkelsen’s statement, game pundits now speculate that the development of the open-world PS4 exclusive title is still in early stages.

Normally, the first step in the production of a video game involves performance capture and animation.

This particular stage typically consumes a year or more to complete.

However, after E3 last June, Sony Studios chairman Shawn Layden said that the game is already in playable form but he did not give any specific detail.

SIGGRAPH 2017 Tech Demo teases impressive graphics

Last month, Kojima Productions attended the SIGGRAPH 2017 and presented a tech demo that showed off the game’s graphics built on Guerilla Games’ Decima Engine.

This is the same engine used by the game developer to power the highly successful “Horizon Zero Dawn” that was released exclusively on PS4 last February 28.

At the annual computer event, graphics programmer Kohei Ishiyama talked about the height fog model and the atmospheric scattering system used in the development of the game in order to achieve a photorealistic lighting.

Take a quick look at the in-engine footage below.

“Death Stranding” is currently in development as a PS4 exclusive title. Fans expect to see a brand new gameplay trailer at PlayStation Experience 2017 in December.