Like any other games, “Overwatch” also offers support characters. They are there to keep the other heroes alive. They either provide health or boost damage. Either way, they are just as valuable as any other heroes in the game.

In “Overwatch,” a good support hero optimized for killing and healing is Zenyatta. The omnic hero proves to be a valuable addition, thanks to his ultimate. Here are some tips to help you become effective in using the hero.

Make use of his Orb Volley

Zenyatta is not just about providing healing. He can also be a lethal attacker or defender in the game. One of the skills that make him a good eliminator is the Orb Volley.

He basically charges all of his orbs and unleashes them in one single volley. If the target possesses low health, it is likely to meet death in an instant.

It is best for “Overwatch” players to make use of this skill. They need to utilize this in the best way possible, though. It can also help in giving DPS characters the firepower needed to eliminate tanks and other characters.

The Orb of Destruction and Discord

This is where Zenyatta can really become a very significant addition to an “Overwatch” team. His Orb of Discord can be launched to an enemy, making him/her more prone to getting damaged. His Orb of Harmony, on the other hand, helps in providing healing to his allies.

Both of these skills can be used interchangeably in matches.

The key is to keep sending the Orb of Discord to the opponents to help the team in attack. His Orb of Harmony, in particular, should be used on teammates likely to get killed. The user just needs to be fully aware in order to be highly effective.

Use Transcendence at the right time

Sometimes, players can get caught up in the exchange of fires.

The situation becomes so intense that they forget to plan and act things out accordingly in “Overwatch.” This is so true with most of the players using Zenyatta. More often than not, they deploy Transcendence at the wrong time. Supposedly, it should be used in cases in which the team badly needs it.

For instance, when the team is pushing for the payload, Zenyatta can deploy his ultimate here. Through this, his team will have the invulnerability to capture or defend a point. In this case, they will all the healing needed to withstand the attacks of the defenders. More likely than not, they will capture or push the payload. Again, this is only possible if and only if the user is smart enough to deploy it in the right time.

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