Studio Wildcard's "ARK: Survival Evolved" is just days away from hitting the shelves as fans are keeping their fingers crossed that the developer won't be making announcements that the game is delayed for the nth time. The game's lead designer has lately been actively answering some fan questions on social media and providing some additional tidbits about their upcoming title.

Cross-play plans

"ARK: Survival Evolved" game designer Jeremy Stieglitz was recently asked on Twitter by a fan about the promised 1080p 60fps visuals for the game. He responded that the game can run on that setting as he further explained that they might devise a toggle for a 1440p 30fps which is a high setting equivalent for PCs.

Another fan then asked the lead designer if there is a possibility of a cross-play gameplay between Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One. Surprisingly, it looks like Wildcard came in prepared if that comes to fruition as Stieglitz replied that they already have it up and running within Wildcard premises. However, he added that Sony is not allowing them to dish out the idea.

Both Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs, on the other hand, will be getting cross-play and cross-buy perks as soon as these features go live. PlayStation 4 owners will just have to wait for Sony to have a change of heart and give a Wildcard a nod about it.

Phoenix is on the way

Meanwhile, now that "ARK's" Ragnarok map got a massive expansion in its Southwest portion, the developer revealed additional information about the upcoming game. The team over at Wildcard recently announced that another massive update will be dropped a day prior to its release. Nonetheless, its contents were not disclosed by the developer.

Aside from the otter companion Lutra Peloso, the development team also revealed another creature to be added into the game – the Phoenix. The game maker stated that it will be tameable, though the technique will be a bit different.

According to the developer, the Phoenix needs to be ablaze throughout the taming process. Players who are successful in pacifying the mythical avian can jumpstart the creature by setting it on fire.

The flaming bird can be an indispensable attack buddy as it has the ability to burn enemies after they get chomped. The Phoenix is also capable of cooking meat and refining raw ore as it was described as a "living furnace."

Albeit these awesome features, the only drawback about the Phoenix is that it is unrideable. However, Stieglitz hinted that they are seriously contemplating making it rideable. He also stated there are server updates on the pipeline alongside networking improvements and physics threading.

"ARK: Survival Evolved" is scheduled to be released this August 29. Check out a video about the game here: