Overwatch” is perhaps one of the most interesting game in recent memory. Blizzard developed a competitive version of the game in a way that it makes the entire experience worthwhile.

However, not everyone in “Overwatch” understands how the system works. This is specifically referring to the game’s Skill Rating (SR) feature. Well, here is everything about it in a nutshell.

How SR works in the game?

According to Dot Esports, a player’s competitive rank in the game can be determined through Skill Rating. It holds true that there are tons of factors needed to determine one’s SR.

The only catch, though, is that most of them are kept secret. As a result, players find it hard to understand how the system works. The way to acquire concrete knowledge about Skill Rating is through distinguishing its existence.

First and foremost, “Overwatch” players need to undergo placement matches (total of 10). This phase is needed to determine which rank they will belong in the Competitive Play. Currently, these are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Masters, and Grandmasters. Each of these tiers requires a certain amount of Skill Rating. While players can earn their way through the performance, their Skill Rating still fluctuates depending on this very performance. It is important to remember that in the game, players can lose more SR from losing than winning.

This is where confusion tends to rise, as players find it hard to grasp the reasoning behind.

Blizzard explains the system’s structure

The studio iterated that in “Overwatch,” Skill Rating is a mixture of things. Both “On Fire” and “Matchmaking” systems can affect a player’s SR based on their underlying performance. However, the amount of time they spend “On Fire” does not necessarily affect their SR adjustments in every match.

Simply put, the two systems correlate each other, but they do not have a direct link. If Blizzard decides to change one of the two, the other will not be significantly affected.

Blizzard explained that for “Overwatch” players to gain a good amount SF, they must try to acquire multiple win streaks. The studio said that in every win, the SR is being boosted.

This is most especially true in placement matches. Hence many have grabbed the opportunity to land in higher tiers thanks to the newly-revamped system. Unfortunately, repeated losses in Competitive Play also means losing significant SR. So, as much as possible, it is best for players to try and keep winning. This is by far the most plausible way of climbing the rank ladder.