Fans got very excited as NEXON M finally released the much-awaited “Titanfall: Assault.” The game offers a lot of impressive features, as well as incredible graphics. Most of the online streaming sites today are now filled with “Titanfall: Assault” gameplay. Fans have expected very high on the game since it was announced and it seems that it does not disappoint them. Most of the gamers today are saying that the “Titanfall: Assault” might be one of the best strategy game in today's gaming industry. It is also expected that more features will come to the game in the future.

What are the features of ‘Titanfall: Assault.’

“Titanfall: Assault” is an online strategy game, where players must protect their base and command different pilots. There are also a lot of Titans that are available to use in the game. There are two primary objectives in order to win the game. First is to score 100 points during a battle. Scoring points is easy as players will only need to hold Hardpoints and defend it as much as possible. The other way of winning is to destroy the enemy's base. There are a lot of techniques in the game. Players can either rush to the enemy's base or defend until the right time to attack comes.

Due to this, players must be very strategic to win. There are several features in the game that is similar to the console version of it, such as the destructible areas and wall climbings.

It is known that “Titanfall: Assault” is not the first attempt of NEXON M to create a “Titanfall” mobile game. The “Titanfall: Frontline” is a strategy card game that was being developed by Particle City. However, it was canceled this year due to some reasons. It is believed that the company canceled it for “Titanfall: Assault,” which offers a much intense gameplay than a card game.

Players asking several improvements for the game

With the “Titanfall: Assault” just recently released, players are already asking for some improvements. First is the time of opening a cache, which is a reward gained from battles. Some players believed that it would make the game lost a lot of players as they don't want to wait that long to open one cache.

The matchmaking system was also reported to be unbalanced as low-level players can be matched against a high-level player. It is requested that the matchmaking system should be based on the trophies that a player gained, which is similar to some online strategy games, such as “Clash of Clans” and “Clash Royale”.