Hanzo is one of the best defense character in “Overwatch,” and there is no doubt that. His skill sets are enough to make him lethal in mid-range combat. Heck, he can even take an enemy with a single shot (not to mention his Scatter Arrows).

However, Hanzo’s effectiveness – like any other “Overwatch” heroes – heavily relies on the user’s skill. If a player is good enough, there is no reason to believe that he can carry his team. But if it is the other way around, it is where things can become a little bit messed up. If you want to hone your Hanzo skills, check out some of the tips below.

Use his Sonic Arrow to your advantage

The coolest thing about this skill is the ability to see players through walls. They are represented by red silhouettes, giving Hanzo a huge advantage in the battlefield. The key here is to target the Sonic Arrow on walls that are considered choke points. This should allow you to have a better aim, giving you total control over the enemy.

As much as possible, do not use the Sonic Arrow to kill enemies in “Overwatch.” It can be used though to keep track of opponents, as targets hit by it can be seen through walls. At the end of the day, it is all about decision making, knowing when to use this skill correctly.

Always aim for the head

There are times that Hanzo can fend off an enemy in “Overwatch” with just a single shot even when the target is hit on the body.

Although this happens, it is still best to aim for the head. It is just a 100 percent guarantee and works perfectly in defending or advancing. They here is to always keep the crosshair at the enemy’s head-level.

This way, the aforementioned “Overwatch” hero will a higher chance of killing the opponent quickly. But of course, this is not an easy task to deliver.

So, as much as possible, try it in training first. You may also practice with this headshots in battling AIs.

Synchronize your ultimate

The ultimate of Hanzo called Dragonstrike is perhaps among the deadliest ones in “Overwatch.” While it is a beauty, its effectiveness is not really that high if not synchronized with other ultimates.

Zarya, in particular, is a perfect combination for Hanzo. Her Graviton Surge can render opponents useless, perfect for the Dragon to devour them.

Therefore, it is important for you to be patient in deploying it in “Overwatch.” Observe your allies and see if you can deploy the ultimate along with their ultimate. Try this and you will surely acquire the Play of the Game.