There is no doubt that “Overwatch” is a great game as it managed to accumulate a huge following after its launch last year. However, like any other titles, it also has its own flaws.

In “Overwatch,” the thing that players hate the most are the throwers. They tend to quit matches early, leaving their teammates at a huge disadvantage. Apparently, this is what game director Jeff Kaplan regrets the most.

The issues in the game

According to MMOExaminer, Kaplan shared on Reddit one of his regrets about the shooter-themed title. Believe it or not, he would have removed all cosmetic items if only he had the chance to do so in the past.

He believes that these contribute to the eerie experience players have with the game. Kaplan explained that, for him, cosmetic items being added in Competitive Play was a huge mistake. Players should be playing the version for the sole reason that they want to rank high. It is not about earning any cosmetic items or skins.

Kaplan further added that players who play Competitive Play in “Overwatch” for the sake of rewards do not belong in the mode. Players who actually care about ranking are the ones worthy of the said mode. The publication adds that there are tons of benefits in removing cosmetic items in competitive mode. Blizzard can even replace the game’s current point system with a so-called victory points system.

The latter would somehow allow players to accumulate points in order to acquire a specific item. This is one way of removing the cosmetics and replacing them with a working process.

The victory point system

The said system is actually pretty neat. Basically, instead of the usual competitive points, “Overwatch” players would earn victory points.

Now, these points could be used to buy or acquire cosmetic items within the game. Think of them as something that is similar to credits, only they work differently. Somehow, the said system would encourage players to be more competitive. Heck, this would even discourage players from throwing, leaving, and even trolling in Competitive Play.

Since they want to acquire something special (e.g. legendary skins, special sprays, etc.), they would do their best to play competitively.

Of course, this is an interesting system that Blizzard could add in “Overwatch.” However, adding it will mean revamping the entire Competitive Play. It presents a lot of work in the part of the developers, though the fandom will benefit from it. If the studio decides to do so, a major overhaul will certainly be needed.