Roadhog is perhaps one of the most loved characters in “Overwatch” since the game’s released. Many were amazed by the character’s significance in the battlefield. Well, this is thanks to his unique skill set.

Apparently, this affection towards the “Overwatchhero quickly diminished following an update that nerfed him. According to Kotaku, the hook master has experienced some tweaks from Blizzard. Unfortunately, these eventually made him one of the unlovable heroes in the title.

The many nerfs

The studio reportedly reduced Roadhog’s damage by a whopping 33 percent.

This is quite high compared to the other nerfs of some heroes in the game. It is worth noting that this his original damage was a key element, making him a lethal inclusion in a team. Heck, the company even removed his ability to one-hit almost all characters after tweaking his hooking ability. This frustrated a lot of players, most especially those who main him. They felt like the hero is nowhere close to being effective.

These tweaks all happened in “Overwatch” sometime in June. Later on, Roadhog’s titular tattoos were also removed. It was as if Blizzard hated the guy so much that even his body markings were nerfed. Going back to his former abilities, these made him an aggressive character.

He was more than just a tank, providing good health base to the team. He became a monster, as he was capable of fending high-valued character off. Those abilities defined him, so to speak.

Players’ reaction

Obviously, the reception was unkind. “Overwatch” players felt the total difference of the new Roadhog. Sure, his fire rate was increased, but it was not enough to make him a key player.

The community even spent weeks of begging Blizzard on the game’s official forum, asking the studio to bring the original abilities back. They even used statistics showing the usage and won rates – all of which have dropped – of the newly revamped character. Some even went to suggest new abilities and/or changes to at least make Hog more capable in matches.

But alas, the studio’s decision was already final and irrevocable.

As a matter of fact, “Overwatch” players have brought their frustrations to Twitter using a hashtag #RIPRoadhog. Blizzard, however, explained their point on nerfing the character. They iterated that the hero’s one-shot ability, in particular, was not fun for the target. The principal designer of the game named Geoff Goodman revealed that the team is currently working on a new version of Roadhog. He did not know exactly elaborate, but he mentioned about giving the character a 50 percent damage reduction when healing. Simply put, they are trying to make the hero much tankier than ever before.