Falcom released a trailer for their upcoming game this September for another "Ys" series entitled Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana. The trailer presented four new characters that will take part in the adventures of Adol, the protagonist. They are collectively called "The Explorers of Seiren." Each person has a unique personality and traits, which adds color to the whole story.

In addition, NIS America revealed a Day-One Edition of the game exclusively for PlayStation 4 console. The special bundle contains a Select Soundtrack that has five tracks in it and a 32-page full-colored art booklet.

The PlayStation 4 Day One Edition and the PS Vita copy will have a reversible cover, which was strongly suggested by fans. Here is the trailer below via NIS America on YouTube:

Explorer of Seiren

Here are the following characters with their short stories below which were revealed to us through Gematsu.com :

Sahad, the Honest Fisherman

Sahad is the fisherman from Greek. He is a "cheerful," "dynamic," and generous. Even though Laxia is appalled by his crude outbursts and frankness, he is sincere and kind. He also gets emotional when things around him are emotional. He is an expert in the sea as well as fishing and he also has his own philosophy of fishing. "He has a family to go home to and assists Adol to escape the Isle of Seiren."

Laxia, the Young Noblewoman

Laxia is the "daughter of the Roswell family," a noble family, from Garman.

Despite being prideful and noble, she assists Adol with ancient organisms and wildlife.

Hummel, the Enigmatic Transporter

Hummel has a serious personality that makes him successful in his duties. In addition, he keeps silent on the package that he transports along with his main purpose. He wields a new weapon called a "gun," which is also identified as a small cannon.

Ricotta, the Native of Seiren

Ricotta is the "girl living in the Isle of Seiren," a native of Seiren. She was already there before Adol and the rest of the company drifted ashore. She is an innocent girl filled with the knowledge of the island's geography and the Ancient Species. She eagerly awaits her father's return from exploration.

She lacks language skills because she has been reading and learning from the "books that drifted ashore."

Here are the images of the four characters above from Twitter user Niche Gamer:

Day One Edition

Here's what Day One Edition of Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana looks like from Twitter user RPG Site:

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana will be released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and PC. The game's release date in North America will be on September 12 while it will be September 15 in Europe this year. The NIS America official website is available for fans for the latest updates.