Blizzard did not just win the hearts of “Overwatch” players with interesting gameplay and characters. The studio, in one way or another, has kept players in the loop about everything concerning the title. From bug fixes to quality of life improvements to content-based updates, the fandom has been so well informed.

According to The Motley Fool, Blizzard has done a wonderful job by infusing all cultures of the world in “Overwatch.” This diversified the game’s lore and, most especially, the significance of each character. Below are reasons why the game has reached massive success compared to any MOBA shooter-titles in the video game industry.

Compelling and interesting results

The title was first released in May last year, but ever since, its sales have grown exponentially. In fact, the company’s segment revenue in the first quarter of 2016 increased to 50 percent year over year. This resulted in a whopping figure of $441 million, let alone the doubled operating income of $166 million. Believe it or not, these figures would have been impossible if not for the release of the game.

The beauty about “Overwatch,” though, is that it does not rely on the sales figures alone. The title has also significantly helped Blizzard upgrade their player engagement levels. The company’s monthly active users way before the game arrived were sitting at 26 million.

However, with the arrival of the game, this number exponentially soared high to over 40 million. This figure continues to grow at an impressive rate.

The characters and their stories

Unlike any other titles, “Overwatch” has a diverse roster of characters, with each having a unique personality, characteristics and skills. The characters alone are already interesting, most especially with their significance in the game’s lore.

They have completely stirred the interest of fans, who still wonder if Blizzard will decide to release a movie based on the game. Wishful thinking, yes. Still, many would pay good money just to watch the film on the big screen.

The reason behind all of this is the compelling story that Blizzard placed on each “Overwatch” hero.

It is so interesting that players would do everything to unravel the mystery behind these stories. But of course, this is the beauty that Blizzard wants to keep at ay bay. They know that if they were to reveal it, there would be nothing to show later on. Besides, they have never failed to release animated shorts that make a viewer jump with excitement. Take for example Doomfist’s release, where players kept talking about the gauntlet-wearing villain all day long. This is how good the studio is at character or hero presentation.