Among the things, players love the most about “Overwatch” are hero skins. While they do not add something significant to the gameplay, they still make the entire experience fun and exciting. Now, Blizzard is set to release new skins for one of the game’s most popular characters.

According to PVP Live, the famous mercenary killer named Reaper is about to get a new set of skin in an upcoming event in "Overwatch.” It was the game’s very own director Jeff Kaplan who made the announcement. Although he did not provide anything specific, he confirmed that the hero “needs more event skins” in the future.

Reyes is about to look good

Reaper, commonly known as Gabriel Reyes in the game’s lore, is next on the line of characters to acquire event skins. Kaplan never mentioned what event this will be, but based on a code acquired by data miners, this could very likely be the Summer Games. The said code was mined from the current patch 1.13 (currently live in Public Test Realm), which points to the hero’s supposed cosmetics. While this is an interesting thing to look forward to, it remains to be unofficial.

Overwatch” players have also been bugging Blizzard to create new skins for Reaper. He just seems to be the least of the character to receive this type of cosmetics. Interestingly, he will not be the only hero to be equipped with brand new event skins.

Other characters on the list are namely, Mercy, Hanzo, Widowmaker, Lucio, Soldier: 76 and McCree.

Data miners on patch 1.13

Believe it or not, data miners did not just acquire a code that hints the return of Summer Games to “Overwatch.” Apparently, crash logs from the said patch came back with a line that mentions Doomfist's name.

That is right: the highly rumored hero was mentioned for the first time since its name surfaced early this year. Basically, crash logs are sent whenever the game fails to load or, well, it crashes. But to the surprise of many, these logs returned with an interesting hint.

Blizzard did not comment or denied the discovery from “Overwatch” data miners.

But seeing the dots gradually connecting, there is really a chance that Doomfist will arrive at the game via the event. As for the person who is likely to voice him, it is none other than Terry Crews. The Hollywood actor has expressed his interest towards the characters, with the community agreeing to this idea. If there is truth to any of these, then it is very likely for the studio to release an announcement in the next few weeks or so.