It holds true that “Overwatch” is one of the most exciting titles in recent memory. It offers players a robust combat system and an interesting roster of characters. Nevertheless, the game also has its own issues, one of which is player behavior.

In the past, many have wondered why Blizzard did not introduce a reporting system in the console version of “Overwatch.” It was a surprise considering the studio’s passion when talking about toxic players. Fortunately, the feature will soon arrive to the platform. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Reporting feature in console

According to Eurogamer, the video game company just announced that a reporting system would soon arrive to the game’s console version. It was announced by the game’s very own director Jeff Kaplan on the official forum site of the title. “Reporting on console will be available when patch 1.14 goes live,” Kaplan claimed. It is worth noting that he is referring to the patch that will contain the upcoming modes: Free-For-All and Deathmatch. These modes, though, are currently available on the game’s Public Test Realm.

Kaplan explained that the reporting system in “Overwatch” console will still be “an ongoing development” for the team. Improvements and/or upgrades are to be expected over time.

Kaplan revealed that they would be working on increasing punishments for high frequency offenders. Interestingly, the player who will be reported will receive email notifications if it results to a disciplinary action of sorts. The game director, however, said that this email notification system was still under experimentation.

He also announced that email notifications might arrive to the game client, if a report results in disciplinary action.

All thanks to the community

Some “Overwatch” players clamored that Blizzard’s reporting system was lackluster. It did not really provide enough strength to tackle toxicity within the game. In fact, most players were not even afraid of being reported.

Although the studio raised the punishment threshold, many were not still convinced. Perhaps with email notifications, players will be assured that their reports will be processed. It should also serve as a confirmation that the reported player will be reprimanded. Interestingly, this particular feature have worked wonders in other MOBA titles such as “League of Legends.”

Meanwhile, the current Competitive Play season in “Overwatch” is about to end. It is set for an August 28 deadline, and as each season ends, a new one begins. Season 6 is believed to jumpstart a few days after the fifth season ends, but the exact date remains to be seen. It is safe to say that Blizzard will soon make an announcement regarding the next season.