Doomfist is no stranger in the “Overwatch” community, though he still remains to be an unofficial hero. Players first heard of him in the title's first trailer, and since then, his fame in the fandom dramatically grew. Recently though, developer Blizzard dropped a new lore teaser suggesting the upcoming arrival of the said hero in the game.

According to a story posted by the studio, the hero’s actual name in the “Overwatch” lore is Akande Ogundimu. He appeared to have been confined in a prison, explaining his absence from the title's main storyline.

For the expecting fans out there, here is everything about the supposed character in a nutshell.

He was saved by Reaper and the Talon members

Basically, Doomfist was locked in a Helix prison for an unknown crime but was eventually saved by Reaper and the other Talon members. This could simply mean that he is one of the villains in the game, though the two kids in the said trailer found him as a hero of sort. After escaping, he went to Numbani (one of the game's maps) to obtain his legendary weapon called the Gauntlet.

This officially marks the first teaser of Blizzard for the upcoming “Overwatch” hero. There are speculations, however, that he might arrive in the game’s Public Test Realm today at around 2 PM ET.

But whether or not this is true, his official release still remains to be unseen.

He will be released alongside Summer Games event.

Just a couple of weeks ago, data miners acquired a line of code in the “Overwatch” game files that mention the name of Doomfist alongside the Summer Games event. This implies that the character and the event should arrive together.

Meanwhile, players believe that if Blizzard follows the same pattern in releasing Orisa, they could possibly see the second teaser for Doomfist come July 7 and the third on July 10. As for his release on the Public Test Realm, this could be on July 13.

Interestingly, 19 days after Orisa’s arrival in the test server of “Overwatch,” she was officially launched.

If this is the case with Doomfist, players might see him come August 1. Of course, these are all interesting stuff, but they remain unofficial. So, as much as possible, it is best to take these speculations with a grain of salt.

Meanwhile, the actor believed to voice the new hero is none other than Terry Crews. He himself showed interest towards the character and even went to Blizzard’s HQ just to pay the developers a visit. Rumor has it that he personally asked director Jeff Kaplan to voice Doomfist.