Blizzard is definitely the busiest studio right now, thanks to the success of “Overwatch.” The shooter title has managed to acquire millions of players from all over the world. More importantly, it has become a staple game in all of eSports.

Now, the studio is set to introduce a huge event in the upcoming Gamescom show in Germany. A lot of things are expected to be dropped courtesy of the video game company. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

A new animated short

According to PC Gamer, Blizzard will host a set of events in the forthcoming show mentioned above.

The studio also announced its schedule of events, all of which are expected to be huge. Interestingly, the developers will be debuting a brand new animated short for “Overwatch” as well as other titles. These are “World of Warcraft, “Heroes of the Storm,” and “Hearthstone.” There will be sets for dance and cosplay contests, too. Moreover, there will be a so-called “reveal ceremony.”

Obviously, players who attend the Gamescom show in Germany will have the chance to acquire tons of Blizzard merchandise. The studio even announced that there would be new items as well as the ones exclusive for the event. The only catch, however, is that they all remain to be seen. For those who will not be able to attend the event, they can all watch it through the livestreams.

The forthcoming event is said to be jumpstarted with a special video. It will introduce the entire content that will be made available on the show floor. Among these include the likes of an “Overwatch” map, “Hearthstone’s” Fireside Gathering, a new “Heroes of the Storm” hero, “Starcraft 2’s” co-op commander, and a preview of the forthcoming 7.3 update for “World of Warcraft.”

What is Gamescom all about?

Unlike E3, Gamescom does not get huge attention from the gaming community in North America.

But despite that, it is still one of the biggest shows in the industry. Believe it or not, the Gamescom 2016 event showcased around 877 exhibitors from 54 countries. It even acquired a whopping attendance of 345,000 people. These numbers were enough to deem the event a huge success. The event was also where Blizzard dropped the “Overwatch” animated short called “The Last Bastion.”

Gamescom is expected to run from August 22 to August 26, and will take place in Cologne, Germany.

Blizzard’s set of events, on the other hand, will kick off at 6 PM CEST (12 PM CDT) come August 23. The studio revealed the other set of events on their official site. This should give fans a concrete idea about their schedules.