Overwatch” has a small pool of support heroes that range from a dedicated healer to an all-around utility support character. These four usually assist their team in restoring their health and ultimately trying to keep them alive. New players who want to play the Support class would most likely want to pick Mercy first due to her lower skill cap and streamlined maneuverability.

This medic can assist her team by providing the most single-target healing and boosting their damage. Similarly, her ultimate ability is incredibly powerful as she can resurrect fallen allies on the battlefield for a second chance in the fight.

Here are a few basic Mercy Tips to help you get started with the “Overwatch” hero.

Use her damage boost

“Overwatch” Mercy’s Caduceus Staff has two modes: healing and damage boosting. Her primary fire activates a healing beam that restores 60 health per second while her alternate fire sends out a blue beam that enhances the target’s damage by 30 percent.

While healing is a significant factor in Mercy’s playstyle, many new players often forget to use her alternate fire. If you find that your team doesn’t need healing, don’t be afraid to damage boost Offense heroes like Soldier76, Junkrat, or Pharah to help them finish off enemies much quicker.

Keep moving and stay out of sight

As a Support hero, the enemy team will most likely always focus on taking you down first before anyone else.

Sometimes your team will be too busy dealing with other enemies to save you from a Tracer or Genji, so you have to learn how to move around the field. Always remember to break the line of sight from your enemies and take cover behind solid objects.

Don’t be afraid to use her Guardian Angel ability to fly to another fly as it’s her only escape method.

Similarly, she can also escape from harm by flying upwards. If you’re caught surrounded by enemies, look for a Pharah, Winston, Junkrat, or any ally that can propel themselves in the air. Once airborne, you can focus on finding another ally to fly to.

Be brave with her ultimate ability

Unlike past games, Mercy’s recent invincibility buff can help her survive the fight after she casts Resurrect.

If you’re hiding behind cover and see your team wiped out, don’t be afraid to dive in and cast her ultimate ability as she’ll be immune to damage while casting it. Once her teammates are back up, the team fight will get a bit hectic, so it’s best to try and stay in the backlines while keeping everyone alive.