Overwatch” is no stranger to Bugs and glitches as almost every new patch includes some new kind of quirk. While Blizzard tries their best to look for these glitches, sometimes it’s impossible to find until it hits the live servers. The most notable bugs usually revolve around characters like D.Va, Sombra, and Mei, but there are also some instances when these quirks also affect the maps in the game. In line with this, the “Overwatch” map, Temple of Anubis, has been acting up lately with Redditors sharing their awkward experiences.

Soldier76 gets pushed in jail

Every “Overwatch” player has been pinned down by Reinhardt at least once throughout their time in the game. For squishier heroes like Mercy, Lucio, and Zenyatta, one charge means instant death if he manages to pin you to a wall. Although, Redditor moca_moca uploaded a short clip of Reinhardt charging his Soldier76 through a wall in Temple of Anubis. Instead of being crushed, the Offense hero actually survives and passes through a wall.

The thing here is that he was stranded in some obscure location with an see through gate barring his path. Despite his efforts, moca_moca couldn’t find a way out from the Glitch. Luckily enough, his game was on the verge of ending so the whole fiasco didn’t cause as much trouble for the player.

Nonetheless, this is a critical issue as the bug occurred during competitive play.

Hero Stacking

Last year, Blizzard disabled hero stacking for all “Overwatch” game modes except No Limits. Players could no longer pick more than one of the same hero due to balance issues. In spite of the changes, one Redditor stumbled across another glitch which allowed players to hero stack even when not playing the No Limits mode.

Netizen JukeSweg claimed that if you and 1-5 people jump off the map at the same time and all choose one hero, you’ll all respawn as that hero.

JukeSweg is a console player and experienced this glitch while playing Capture the Flag. He noticed two of his teammates jump off the map and the both of them spawned as Symmetra. Needless to say, this little quirk gave them a major advantage in the game.

Usually, those who exploit glitches will receive some sort of punishment by Blizzard. With that being said, it’s for the best if you report any “Overwatch” bugs or glitches you find in the game so that they can fix it right away. The game is best played when everyone is having fun and not when another team has an unfair advantage. Similarly, it’s also best to avoid any unnecessary sanctions against your account.