Expert Ana mains in "Overwatch" are arguably some of the most-skilled players in the game. This support hero takes plenty of skill to master as you must constantly shuffle between healing your team and damaging the enemy. If you already know her basic playstyle, it's time to learn more about how to fully utilize the many skills in her kit.

With that being said, here's an advanced Ana guide to help you dominate the battlefield with this Egyptian sniper.

The grenade's splash effect

Ana's biotic grenade is great for healing allies and pressuring enemies.

Aside from granting a 50 percent heal boost for your teammates, the grenade also has an anti-heal debuff against foes that blocks all incoming healing for a few seconds.

The grenade has a wide-splash effect which should cover a good amount of space, and it's something you can take advantage of. Make the most out of the splash by throwing the grenade at walls near choke points. The impact should be enough to hit trickling enemies, especially if they're following their tank.

Quick scoping

As many Ana players know, she is both a projectile and hit-scan hero in "Overwatch." When unscoped, Ana's bullets are projectiles as they take a second to actually hit their target. While scoped, on the other hand, Ana's shots are precise and take effect right away at the cost of her location (a thin purple beam traces back to her), speed, and vision.

Most experts believe that Ana mains shouldn't dwell too long while scoped due to its many limitations. Because of this, players should instead learn how to quick scope by quickly switching between alternate and primary fire. It might be a bit difficult to get the timing down at first, but it's easy to pin down once you get the hang of it.

While doing this, Ana can retain her speed and vision while firing hit-scan shots. The only downside here is that her firing rate is relatively slower when compared to scoped or unscoped shots.

Good positioning

The key to staying alive and protecting your team is through good positioning. As Ana, you mainly engage fights from mid- to long-range so that you can make the most out of her abilities.

However, you should also take advantage of your environment and hide behind walls, ceilings, barriers, and even your tanks to ensure you stay alive. If you die, that puts your team at an incredible disadvantage as they lack a healer, and the enemy team doesn't need to fear being debuffed by her anti-heals.