For the gaming community, “No Man’s Sky” needs no further elaboration. It was an ambitious space exploration game that failed to live up to expectations, although Hello Games has been trying to move heaven and earth trying to fix loose ends.

While the effort is commendable, the task of successfully aligning it accordingly has gotten a big boost from unlikely people – the gamers themselves. Their interest and passion for the game have become an overlooked difference, with most doing their own thing ranging from sharing their experiences and building information from that.

Most may not appreciate or pay attention to the effort, but it does go a long way – especially for the critics and the ones who have not actually played “No Man’s Sky.”

Unofficial but reliable

The efforts in sharing coordinates and providing tips are normal stuff that Hello Games would be responsible for. Give however that they would need to focus and patch things up on their end, the leads and guides from the gamers who never gave up on “No Man’s Sky” has filled that void.

One example would be the Galactic Hub community, a gathering of players in one forum providing some background on coordinates and the planets found in the game. With Hello Games working on making each planet unique, the next thing a gamer would need to know is where to find them – and how.

Thanks to the ones still hooked up to the game, the wiki guide comes in handy. Hence, gamers who want to find out where planets like Dudenbeaumodeme are get a much-needed assist considering the magnitude of the game where there are reported quintillion planets.

There are plenty of other planets such as the Pilgrim Star or Starfall as well.

The list goes on. But the point here is trying to save players time and not tinkering around with their patience. With plenty of planets to explore, one can just imagine how the proper guide can save them the trouble and venture out studying other worlds.

Stakes higher for game developers

With gamers taking care of the direction and guides, Hello Games needs to do its part and come up with new content and patch improvements.

A lot has been done already as of this writing but there are still more updates needed to come close to the promise rendered for the game.

The game is over a year old now and somehow it still lacks the push to be where it is at. There are new vehicles and improved planet scenarios. But the fact remains that most expect more game improvements, which may include new weapons and adventures.