The latest development gathered from phase 2 of "No Man’s Sky" Alternate Reality Game (ARG) from the live Waking Titan website indicates a possible story expansion that will introduce a new race in the impending release of update 1.3. Here’s what we know so far.

A possible story-based content

As players continue to engage in discovering some exciting information that could hint possible new contents coming in Update 1.3 for PS4 and PC space indie title, “No Man’s Sky.”

Interestingly, it looks like players have recently received cryptic clues suggesting that a story DLC could be in the works.

If this latest report is anything to go by, fans will likely see the addition of an all new race in the next update.

Via the Waking Titan site, gamers have kept on trying to find the fascinating clues out of the second phase of the ARG. Some of them even shared their latest findings over the game’s subreddit.

A new race is coming?

Apparently, the phrases that drew out the most intriguing hints are those that begin with “WHOIS,” such as “WHOIS ATLAS”, “WHOIS SENTINEL.” But what is really a striking phrase was “WHOIS fourth race,” which started a chatter among fans that Update 1.3 will likely introduce a new race in the game.

The WHOIs phrases seem to indicate a story that could expand the game by bringing in possible new worlds, characters, and new races from a galaxy far, far away.

Update 1.3 is imminent

July is almost over and fans could be nearing to an impending announcement of an anniversary update from Hello Games and its founder Sean Murray. The leaked top secret document reported earlier revealed its imminent release, however, Murray has still to confirm this piece of information.

But the way that the development team channels this ARG to its loyal fans already suggest something big is coming or happening soon.

This is especially that the game will be celebrating its first birthday in August.

Shortly after the release of the Pathfinder update in March, there was already a slew of rumors churning online that “No Man’s Sky” is likely getting a Story DLC next. Perhaps, these cryptic hints and clues from the game developer would indeed lead to a game-changing update that will make its avid players happy.

The game was developed and published by Indie game developer Hello Games, in partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment “N.o Man’s Sky” was released on August 9, 2016 exclusively on PS4 console and Windows PC.