Game developer Magnus Games has revealed that their co-op monster is raising RPG “Re: Legend” will be available on other platforms as well. It was first announced that it was coming to the PC.

Coming to more platforms

The game developers revealed recently that their video game would be coming to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch. This was possible due to the successful Kickstarter campaign that has reached its funding goal. It has also achieved several stretch goals that unlocked the possibility for the console platforms.

Money donated and the backers

Due to the popularity of this video game project, the Kickstarter has been funded now to $248,649. It currently has 4,159 backers that completely trust the game developers to finish this game. Interested gamers who want to back up this project must hurry because it only has 10 days to go before they close the funding feature.

There are three more stretch goals to achieve, which is more than the current pledge. The next stretch goal is unlocking new a new bachelor and bachelorettes. The next two goals are still unknown.

Versions to acquire

The video game has several different versions that pledgees can get depending on the amount of cash they gave. These versions are the Standard Copy, Standard Duo, Digital Collector, Beta Collector, Digital Tamer, Momochi Tamer, Draconewt Tamer, Beta Duo, Master Tamer, Art Collector, Strategic Collector, Blacksmith, Villager, Legendary Tamer, Boss Designer, and the Game Producer.

The Early Bird Copy has now expired and cannot be funded anymore.

About the game

Re: Legend” is a video game that focuses on raising monsters in an RPG style of gameplay. It will have different features to try out like farming, building a village, crafting, fishing, multiplayer gameplay, and more.

Players will control a character that arrives on Vokka Island and will have no memories of the tragic voyage.

To regain those memories, they will have to start a new life on the island and research on different methods. They will have to be friendly will the locals first to gain knowledge, cultivate their land, expand the village, and raise these magical monsters that are called Magnus.

Multiplayer features

The multiplayer feature of “Re: Legend” will have a maximum of four players.

They can carry out different types of tasks in the game like cultivating the land and dividing the workload. Players can enjoy the multiplayer feature since it is mostly built into it.

Magnus Games revealed that they believe games are meant to be played together with other people. They started this game with the focus of the multiplayer since the beginning of the project. They also promised that there would be more features to follow.

Check out the "Re: Legend" Kickstarter Trailer here: