The Nintendo Switch is a unique hybrid console that you can take with you on the go or dock it at home. If you want to enjoy a lengthy gaming session, you can leave the Switch on its dock and play on the big screen. However, if you need to go somewhere, you can easily slip it right off and take the tablet with you. As ingenious as it is, Nintendo still lacks some apps for the system, but it seems like they’re already working on it.

Paypal comes to Switch

PayPal is an excellent way to pay for things online as it kind of doubles like an electronic bank.

It’s a nifty payment method, and it will be arriving on the Nintendo Switch in Japan, at least. According to Nintendo Everything, the Japanese Switch eShop now supports this payment method so you can buy games from the store without having to use a credit card or eshop balance. However, it’s a bit uncommon for features like this to have different schedules depending per region, so there;s a big chance that Nintendo might release this soon for the Americas and Europe.

In line with this, PayPal is already a supported option when buying games through Nintendo’s website. With that being said, it’s only fitting enough that the company allows this payment option through their eShops as well. For now, we’ll have to wait for more information regarding when the PayPal for the Nintendo eShop will be available internationally.

Other missing apps

While it’s great that Nintendo is fixing their payment methods, the Switch is still missing some other vital apps. Streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube are still absent which is pretty strange as this is a staple feature when it comes to modern consoles. Moreover, the Switch even lacks a proper internet browser which is pretty alarming as the hybrid console has been on the market for around five months already.

The company has yet to comment when these apps will officially arrive, so we’ll have to wait for more updates.

Nonetheless, there are a few games that will still be released before the end of the year. Popular titles like “Xenoblade Chronicles 2,” “Super Mario Odyssey,” and “Pokken Tournament DX” will be launching in the following months.

Moreover, the “Pokemon” fighting game will be getting a demo “soon,” so that’s something to look forward to. Nintendo still seems to have a lot of things in store for their hybrid console, be that applications or games. The main issue at hand is the shortage issue as many fans are still looking for a store that has one in stock.