Among the things players love the most about “Overwatch” are animated shorts. These keep them updated with the lore and the unique stories of each character. This element of the title is perhaps the best thing Blizzard did to the franchise.

Now, a brand new “Overwatchanimated short has been released. This time, it features the ice expert Mei. Well, here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Introducing ‘Rise and Shine’

According to PVP Live, Blizzard released the aforementioned short called “Rise and Shine” at Gamescom. It explores the origin of Mei at Ecopoint: Antarctica, which is also a map in the game.

It also features the origin of her Endothermic Blaster. Nine years before the conception of “Overwatch” team, Mei underwent a cryo-sleep along with rest of the location. This was due to their resources running low, resulting in a deep slumber. Not only did the outpost ran out of power, the team itself disbanded. The disbandment, in particular, happened while Mei was still asleep.

It should be noted that in the lore, Ecopoint: Antarctica was where various monitoring activities were conducted. Mei supposedly had the data that could help the team, but she simply could not. This eventually led to disbandment. In hopes to relay the date, Mei built the Endothermic Blaster. But since the station lost its power, she needed to find a workaround.

This was when Snowball sacrificed its own battery life just to proceed with the mission.

The mission to send the data

Mei then used her frost blasts to build a wall, which she used to climb the satellite tower. Eventually, she got the signal she needed. Fortunately, Winston was still there. Mei, on the other hand, tried to relay the data to the global anomalies and out to the surviving members of “Overwatch.” But do not worry, though, for Snowball.

She was able to build a solar panel and used it to revive the lovely robot.

Rise and Shine” is the newest animated short from Blizzard. The series so far has been successful, giving the game a huge boost in popularity. In fact, one of the shorts titled “The Last Bastion” helped the studio earned a Webby nomination. It is worth noting that the latest short is part of the second season of the series.

The success of animated shorts encouraged the studio to apply the same formula to their other titles. One of these is none other than “Hearthstone,” which received a special short as part of the studio’s Gamescom presentation. Mei’s origins have finally been revealed, thanks to this new flick.