Popular DC crime fighting game “Injustice 2,” which was developed by NetherRealm and published by Warner Bros Interactive, just added new characters to its roster. With the new Fighter Pack 2, “Injustice 2” will be adding Hellboy, Black Manta and Raiden. The new playable characters will further the already-power packed roster that the game added on its First Pack, which includes Sub-Zero, Red Hood and Starfire.

What to expect from Fighter Pack 2

The addition of the three new playable characters – the super villain Black Manta, the half demon Hellboy and “Mortal Kombat’s” god of storm Raiden – was confirmed in a new trailer released by NetherRealm.

It can be recalled that the addition of the known super villain and the 'God of Storm' in “Injustice 2” were heavily hinted several months ago.

In the newly released trailer, it can be seen that Raiden fights with Sub-Zero, beating him into submission using his thunder blow. Aquaman’s nemesis Black Manta then appeared and shoots rockets, but the half demon Hellboy revealed himself in a cool way – grabbing one of the rockets and used it to light his cigarette.

Here’s the “Injustice 2” Fighter Pack 2 trailer that you shouldn’t miss:

No exact date yet has been announced on when gamers will get to play these characters; however, according to Hardcore Gamer, “Injustice 2’s” developer will be showing off the super villain Black Manta on Aug.

27 via their Twitch channel. In addition, the new DLC pack will reportedly be available for purchase on Sept. 12. The three new playable characters are included in the game’s Ultimate Edition, which includes additional cosmetics and nine post release DLC characters.

To those uninitiated, “Injustice 2” continues the story introduced in “Injustice: God Among Us,” wherein Batman and his allies work together to make the society better and to go against those who wants to restore Superman’s rulings.

Injustice 2” is available in most current-gen platforms, such as Xbox One, PS4, Android and iOS.

Other Warner Bros. and DC projects

According to Deadline, a new Batman spinoff movie is in the works. It is said that the most popular villain in Batman UniverseThe Joker – will be having its origin story. According to the same publication, DC and Warner Bros.

are already in early stages of producing the film.

The new Joker film will be written by “The Fighter” writer Scott Silver along with “Due Date” writer/producer/director/actor Todd Phillips. The latter will also helm and produce the much-awaited spinoff along with “The Wolf of Wall Street” producer Martin Scorsese.

The character was played by Jack Nicholson and the late Heath Ledger in the past “Batman” films, while Jared Leto portrayed the character in David Ayer’s “Suicide Squad” film. Though Leto is set to reprise the character in “Suicide Squad 2,” there’s no announcement as yet if he will also portray Joker in the upcoming spinoff movie.