"Metroid" fans and followers of the famous intergalactic mercenary will have to move fast to get their hands on the Limited Edition hardware before it sells out. The face of the new Nintendo 3DS XL system sports Samus' colors and the image of the bounty hunter striking a pose in her power suit while the back part of the device shows the iconic Screw attack logo. Nintendo's Samus-inspired console will be released on September 15, the same release date as "Metroid: Samus Returns." The Nintendo hardware will sell for $200.00 but will not include the actual ported rebooted game, which is sold for $40.00.

With all the buzz of "Metroid: Samus Returns'" release, here's look at why these Metroid merchandise are considered as hot collectible items.


The 8-bit genre had been the era of famous side-scrolling adventure games, but titles like "Metroid" and "Castlevania" revolutionized the side-scrolling class. Metroidvania games generally showcase a large interrelated world map that the player can wander through, however access to the parts of the world and other maps are often limited by gateways or other portals that can only be accessed after the player has earned special items, tools, weapons or abilities. With this gameplay, Metroidvania games allowed the inclusion of tighter integration of story and level design, better design of map stages and game controls to encourage players to explore and experiment, and a means for the player to invest in the development of the character they use.

Metroidvania games typically are two-dimensional platformers, but can also include other genre types.

Samus Aran

An iconic legend, Samus Aran shocked the gaming world in her first appearance in the 1986 game "Metroid." "Metroid" players are led to believe that Samus is a man, however, should the players complete Metroid in under an hour Samus will be revealed as a young athletic woman.

Although Samus is in most of the time under the protection of her Power Suit throughout most of the Metroid series, she traditionally takes it off at the end of most games, mostly as a reward after completing conditions such as finishing the game quickly or collecting a certain number of in-game items or both. Samus was one of the first major female protagonists in a video game.

Nintendo is also set to release Metroid-themed amiibo figures by September that "Metroid" fans are sure to love.