Niantic Labs is rolling out a temporary fix to players on the latest issue with the Premier Balls. The game developer announced that an extra Premier Ball will be given to players after Raids. It appears that the developer has not found a solution yet for the latest glitch in “Pokemon Go.”

Latest announcement

On its official Twitter account, Niantic Support posted an announcement about the latest glitch with the Premier Balls. According to the developer, all players will get an extra Premier Ball after Raids. Niantic has acknowledged the recent issue that has been raised by several players.

The glitch caused the Raid Boss to be impossible to catch using the last Premier Ball.

The complaints about the glitch have been reported by many gaming sites. At first, other fans were reluctant to believe that there is really an issue. However, more players raised their complaints online and later even supported their claims with pieces of evidence. There is an evidence in a form of a video showing Magikarp escaping repeatedly after being hit with a throw that has a 99.8 percent success rate.

Glitchy balls

Earlier this week, Niantic Labs acknowledged the existence of the glitch in the Premier Balls.

The game developer assured fans that they are already working on a fix to resolve the issue. It appears that until now, the game developer is not yet able to come up with the right fix for the glitch. The extra Premier Ball is the company’s compensation for the wasted throw.

While the game developer is already acknowledging the claims about the glitch, there are still some who doubt if it is indeed real.

WWG claims that they have received several reports from players claiming that they have caught a Legendary pocket monster on their last throw, the latest is just last August 7.

Other issues

Niantic Labs has not yet provided a timeline as to the release of the fix for the glitch. There are also some players reporting about the Gym Control Bonus not working properly during Raid Battles.

Some players link the issue to getting lesser number of Premier Balls. This issue is already confirmed by the game developer. However, like the Premier Balls, no release date for the fix has been revealed yet.

With Zapdos now released in “Pokemon Go” Niantic Labs must find a solution to the latest issues raised by fans in the game. The release of the Legendaries in the game has greatly improved the players’ activities and the game developer would not want to lose that because of some glitch balls.