Despite the fact that PS4 is still going strong, and the Pro version is practically a baby, Sony confirmed that they preparing to launch the next generation of PlayStation soon. Here's a look at a few games that we would love to see on the Ps5.

A new 'Crash Bandicoot' game

"Crash Bandicoot" is back and flying high, with the "N.Sane Trilogy" proving itself to be a hit among critics and fans alike. More importantly, the game sold like hot cakes, which means Activision will likely to want to cash in on their new golden goose.

The next release is likely to be a remake of "CTR" because an entirely new game would take considerably longer to design and program.

If the PS5 is actually released before 2020, a new "Crash" game could realistically be constructed in time for the launch window. What better way to kickstart a new generation than with a 1990's mascot?

'Heavenly Sword' deserves another shot

Ninja Theory has certainly come along way since the original "Heavenly Sword" was released on the PlayStation 3. In terms of combat, they have yet to match the fluid brilliance of their debut title, but their recent "Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice" demonstrated just how much their storytelling skills have developed.

"Heavenly Sword" should be given another shot simply because it already has a strong foundation to build upon. The combat barely needs to be touched, just improved the story's pacing and the sequel could be the best action game of the year.

More 'Bioshock' is always welcome

The original "Bioshock" is one of the best psychological action games of all time. It still holds up well today, as do both of its sequels. Even the black sheep of the series, "Bioshock 2", told a fascinating story and featured the best combat out of the trilogy.

2K Games confirmed that they are working on a new entry in the franchise, although not much is known.

As there is no release date so far, it is probably still a way off. The series has always pushed the envelope in terms of visuals so it could be interesting to see what 2K could do with the processing power of the PS5.

A real 'Devil May Cry' game

Ninja Theory's "DmC: Devil May Cry" is not considered canon by a vocal part of the fanbase, and they have been yearning for a proper "Devil May Cry 5" for years.

Capcom rushed "Devil May Cry 4" out of the gate for the PS3, which meant they needed to recycle quite a lot of the areas and boss fights.

Therefore, it is about time we get a complete and polished "Devil May Cry" game with the real Dante.