New details about Bungie’s second game installment are now available. As the official release date of “Destiny 2” draws near, more information has started to surface online. The latest that we have come from Edge Magazine who were able to get the chance to play the entire game’s Story Campaign.

New details

On Reddit, a user by the name aslak1899 shared new details about the game from Edge magazine, which was purchased online. During the console beta, players who participated know that the mission is finished when the Traveler is captured, the Guardians are stripped of their Light and the Last City is destroyed by the game’s villain, Dominus Ghaul.

However, the knowledge about the game ends there.

The recent information provided by Redditor aslak1899 from Edge magazine reveals that after the Guardian is kicked off the command ship of Ghaul, the player will wake up in the European Dead Zone without any ability or weapon. The European Dead Zone is one of the four new locations in Bungie’s second game installment. Stripped of everything, the player cannot even jump. It will stumble through the new environment and explore it with a different point of view.

Apparently, the story will lead to the game’s social space dubbed as The Farm. It is at this point that the player will meet Suraya Hawthorne. She believes that a piece of the Traveler lies in the European Dead Zone.

The player will then head to the site that will have to defeat the enemies also coming after the shard of the Traveler. In this battle, the player gains his abilities back.

What happens next?

From that point, the player will be set on a mission to get back the Vanguards-Cayde, Zavala, and Ikora. It appears that along the way, the player will meet several characters that will appear in The Farm.

The game’s social space will provide more NPCs and vendors that players can interact with.

From the latest details, it appears that Bungie has remained true to their promise of providing a solid narrative to the upcoming first-person shooter title. It is worth noting that several reports claim that the game will have more than 80 story missions and 50 hours of PvE content.

This is a treat for players who are into games with good and strong stories.

The second game installment from Bungie is scheduled to release on September 6 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For PC users, “Destiny 2” will be officially available on October 24, 2017.