The entire basketball community was in shock following Kyrie Irving’s request for a trade. The All-Star point guard wants to leave after six NBA seasons of being with the Cleveland Cavaliers. While some disagreed with his move, others actually understood.

According to The New York Times, Kyrie Irving now wants to be traded to the New York Knicks. Obviously, this is a tempting notion for the organization, as they definitely can benefit from such talent. Here is everything about this possible trade in a nutshell.

Irving wants to go to New York

Irving basically wants to leave Cleveland in a pursuit for a team in which he is the focal point.

Obviously, with LeBron James’ presence, he will never acquire this status. The move is also considered Irving’s way to making a name out of himself. It holds true, though, that he already discussed the possible teams he would want to be traded to. But just recently, he added the New York Knicks to the list. While this can be good news to the front office, it may not really end that well.

The publication suggests that Irving playing for the aforementioned organization is not really new. The team has been in similar situation before. They tried pursuing big stars, but only to end miserably. Nothing beneficial has really happened. The Knicks still has not won a champion ever since Carmelo Anthony arrived.

In a report from ESPN, Kyrie Irving now wants to play “very badly” for the Knicks. If this happens, though, it is likely for Anthony to be part of the package. Well, this is possible if he waives his no-clause trade to join his longtime friend James for a higher chance at acquiring a championship run.

It is nothing new

The New York Times notes that like Anthony, Kyrie Irving is the kind of player who loves isolation plays.

He wants his teammates to spread the floor to spread the defenders. Once this is possible, it is easier for him to go straight to basket and make points. But like Anthony, Irving is not entirely fond of defending, too. He barely moves his feet for defense, something that is quite alarming in one way or another. For Knicks, many believe that they have the right players for scoring.

However, in terms of defense, they do not have the luxury.

Sure, Kyrie Irving’s arrival in the New York Knicks is good for the organization’s business. This would mean more people coming to the stadium to watch another superstar play. But as noted by the publication, making the Knicks a championship caliber is still far from reach.