Naughty Dog has no plans yet after “The Last Of Us Part Ii.” Even though the second survival horror installment is not yet released, fans are already interested to learn about the future plans of the game developer. Fans, meanwhile, shared the latest game settings that they have found.

What’s next?

To foster efficiency with game franchises, most gaming studios have a list of three or more projects lined up for future plans. However, it appears that Naughty Dog is not working in this manner. In an interview with Daily Star earlier this week, director of communications, Arne Meyer shared details about the company, their titles, and the future.

When asked about their future projects after the upcoming title “Uncharted: The Lost Legacy” is released, it seems that the developer has no specific plans yet.

According to the director of communications, at this point, they are not yet laying down future plans until “The Last of Us Part II” gets into full production. For Meyer, this is an assurance to the fans that the entire team is intensely focused on the development of the much awaited upcoming sequel. He added that when the sequel’s full production takes place, some of the members of the team will be tasked to think of the next things they are going to do. Meyer quipped that the team is yet to see if there are possible resources that they can use to venture into discovery period.

Game settings found

While the game has not yet entered its full production stage, a couple of fans have been digging details about the upcoming sequel. Interestingly, these dedicated fans have scavenged through the trailer for some clues that have pointed them to their latest findings. On Reddit, a user by the name Voldsby shared that the game’s parking signs are the same as those found in Seattle.

While the claim is shaky, it was supported by a sign in the game’s concept art, which is the burning word, Driftwood.

Another Redditor by the name RoganJosho was able to locate and match another location in real-world in the game that is also found in Seattle. This time, the fan has discovered an underground car park. The finds by these Redditors are further pinned down by a user named Falconbox.

The Redditor underlined that the two settings are just several blocks away from each other.

While the latest claim that the “The Last of Us Part II” is set in Seattle is a bit tenuous at this point, the admirable detective work done by these Redditors is simply impressive. Fans can expect more speculations as the game developers continue to keep their lips sealed about the upcoming sequel.