"Grand Theft Auto," is a highly acclaimed video game franchise that brings excellent gameplay and action. It is fun to go around and explore the beautiful open world that the games had to offer with plenty of missions and side work to do. There was so much to do in the games that it never got boring and they all offered a lot of freedom.

The series took to new heights with the release of "Grand Theft Auto 5," with engaging comedic characters, an impressive campaign, and good multiplayer. The campaign was different than any other game by being able to use multiple main characters and the multiplayer is a blast.

The game sold many copies and the continued success of the game lies in the live addition.

Although this year was a good one for gaming, next year is looking to be even better. There are a lot of diverse exclusive games that will arrive in due time.

Latest update

An article by Chris Pereira via GameSpot details what the update will bring. The latest update to the game will be bringing airplanes and plenty of other features. The studio has given GTA fans plenty of new content since the games release due to its reception.

The next update to the game will be called Smuggler's Run. According to the article, it is "a reference to the great open-world driving games Rockstar developed long ago--and it deals with, well, smuggling." In the world, players will be using Nervous Ron and a mechanic named Charlie.

The smuggling will involve "delivering illegal merchandise" ironically.

New features

It will bring new missions, but also a bunch of new planes, helicopters, and ultralights. Rockstar is putting out a lot of great content and adding intense aerial combat. The studio is rewarding fans for their continued support and loyalty to the franchise.

In addition to the planes, the studio is also bringing a "massive range of new, customizable aircraft." So not only can gamers get new aircraft, but they can customize them however they want. They can be stored in hangers, which will serve as the headquarters for smuggling operations.

The live update will be in effect starting on August 29th, and it will also be free, like all the other updates before it.

However, there is content available for purchase. The studio made sure to bring discounts and bonuses for fans. While "Gta 5," has been enjoyable, fans will be hopeful for a new game to come out in due time. Rumors have pointed out that a new game could arrive in a couple of years because the studio is busy working on "Red Dead Redemption 2."