The much-awaited second game installment from Bungie will have a new difficulty tier in its endgame called Prestige. It appears that the developer will feature major changes in “Destiny 2” in its ultimate level.

Latest leak

An image of the list of achievements and trophies for Bungie’s upcoming first-person shooter game is currently making rounds online. The image is from a listing made on a video gaming site. The leak is significant as it not only contains the trophies the players will get in the upcoming game but also reveals the raids and activities.

Among this includes the name of the new raid in “Destiny 2” called Leviathan.

Prestige Difficulty

Bungie has been tight-lipped about the Raid in the upcoming title. The leak of the second game installment’s list of achievements and trophies has paved way for the discovery of many details. This includes a Prestige Difficulty to the raid and Nightfall Strikes. So far, players are speculating on what the Prestige Difficulty could mean in the game. There is the general assumption that it will replace the Hard Mode or Heroic Mode. However, Nightfall Strikes has only one difficulty tier.

There were previous confirmations that the Nightfall Strikes will be different in the upcoming title.

According to speculations, this is where Prestige Difficulty would come in to offer new twists to players. It is worth noting that several players have noticed that the Nightfall Strikes has a timer. The general assumption is that the timed version will be connected to the Prestige Difficulty. It is also possible that the Prestige Difficulty of the Nightfall Strikes will maintain the original punishment where the fire team will be sent back to Orbit if all of them die in the Darkness Zone.


For the raid, most likely the Prestige Difficulty could be a third party difficulty tier. It could also be a replacement for the Heroic. It is also possible that Bungie is implementing changes for the punishments in the raid and the Prestige could feature the tweaks.

The release of the raid in the upcoming title is still unknown.

Bungie previously said that it could be available within the game’s release window. The statement so not contain any definite time. However, if we based it on the release behavior of the game developers, most likely, the raid will be available to players after the launch of the game’s first expansion.

“Destiny 2” is scheduled to release on September 6, 2017, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It will be available to PC users on October 24, 2017.