Recently, Kyrie Irving shocked the world after announcing his desire to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers. He requested for a trade, as he longed for a team in which he would be the focal point. This sent massive shockwaves to the entire basketball community.

Now, the Golden State Warriors superstar Kevin Durant has joined the Kyrie Irving trade talks. According to Clutch Points, Durant has shared his two cents regarding Irving’s decision to leave the Cavaliers. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Just be happy

Durant is currently across the globe, but somehow, he is dragged into giving his own view towards Irving’s trade request.

In an interview with NBA Academy India in Noida, the Finals MVP said that he “don’t care about the Kyrie Irving situation.” But despite that, he wants every guy in the league “to be happy” whey they want to play and “have some fun playing ball.” He went to add that he hoped for the All-Star point guard to find that happiness.

The Golden State Warriors forward, however, said that Kyrie Irving’s teammate LeBron James is “a phenomenal player.” He even reminisced about the 2012 Olympics in which he and James teamed up and won the Gold medal. Durant admitted that he was able to learn from him thanks to that experience. There is no doubt that he understands the pressure of having millions of people barking and talking about his career.

After all, he went through the same burden when he decided to take his talents to the Dub Nation.

What Irving really wants?

It is understandable for fans – most especially the Cavaliers fans – to get upset with Kyrie Irving’s decision. He is, after all, playing alongside James. This has given him a trip to the finals not only twice, but thrice.

Therefore, anyone will be surprised given the stake that is at the table. However, as what ESPN noted, people also have to understand Irving from a professional perspective. He is among the best players in the world and obviously he wants to further his reach. But with James, he cannot do this. Player under The King’s shadow will not put him on the spotlight.

While there are those who cannot accept Kyrie Irving’s decision, some actually understands him. In an interview with ESPN, Vince Carter mentioned that Irving simply wants to accomplish things on his own. To do this, he needs to be the star, to be focal point of the team. Carter said that these despite fans not wanting to hear or understand such change.