On the night that Harrison Barnes married a young lady named Brittany, Kyrie Irving and Stephen Curry clowned around and made fun of LeBron James. It's no secret that Kyrie and LeBron have had their beef. They have been feuding each other for the past few weeks. It has gotten to the point where Kyrie has demanded do be traded from the Cavaliers and has unfollowed the 4-time MVP on Instagram.

But what happened with Kyrie and his on-court rival Stephen Curry blew a lot of people away.

Kyrie and Steph aren't exactly supposed to be friends, right? I mean sure, a great athlete can usually hold a lot of respect and appreciation for another great athlete's sporting abilities.

But the thought of Kyrie and Steph hanging out and giggling at LeBron's expense sounds just plain wrong.

A video was captured

Maybe they didn't want people to know they were hanging out, but it was no secret that they both attended Harrison Barnes's wedding, and both had some fun. Multiple videos have surfaced on the internet, including videos of Kyrie, Steph, Iguodala, and many more of Barnes's close friends and family dancing.

But one certain video struck the attention of many NBA fans, and that was a video that appeared to show Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry mocking LeBron's workout videos that he posts to Instagram. And the craziest part about it is that Kyrie was laughing with Steph and having fun at the King's expense.

Here's the clip:

Over the past few seasons, the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors have grown a huge rivalry. Players from both teams have thrown shade and fired shots at players on the opposing team on multiple occasions.

So seeing Steph make fun of LeBron isn't something new. But what is very new is to see a guy that was a "brother" to James. It's difficult to see a guy that was by his side all the way during the past three seasons laugh and make fun of his teammate with the enemy.

Kyrie could join the Warriors

The Warriors don't exactly have a lot of money to go throwing at a superstar like Kyrie, but the fact that Irving has demanded a trade makes things interesting especially considering Kyrie is now hanging out with Warriors players and having fun with them.

The Warriors declined a trade that would have sent Paul George to the team for Klay Thompson just a few weeks ago, so it's obvious they don't want to change their roster. But if they got the chance at trading for Uncle Drew, they might do it especially if they don't have to give up too much in return and keep their star players at bay. This trade would shake up the league and make the Warriors' dynasty even more dominant than it has been so far.