Ubisoft just released a brand new update for its fighting-themed game “For Honor.” It is none other than update 1.11. As the studio promised before, it arrived with tons of exciting new stuff. All of these are reportedly geared to providing a better gameplay experience.

According to GameSpot, the aforementioned update is deemed a major addition to “For Honor.” It is currently available on all platforms (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC). Well, here is everything about this update in a nutshell.

Update 1.11 explained

The aforementioned update brings a number of improvements for the fighting-themed title.

There are also fixes that resolved the issues and/or exploits players have been complaining about. The exploit, in particular, was primarily the one that a player used to win the most recent eSports tournament. Well, he did win, but it was deemed controversial. Now, Ubisoft already fixed it thanks to the introduction of the new update.

Interestingly, update 1.11 brings two new characters in “For Honor.” First on the list is Highlander, a Viking hybrid. He is capable of giving out massive damages, but his mechanics are quite difficult to use. Not only does he wield a claymore, he also has stances on Offensive and Defensive. The Gladiator, on the other hand, is deemed a Knight Assassin. He offers a high attack speed, making him a highly-mobile character in the battlefield.

Unlike Highlander, Gladiator is easier to play. He wields a trident.

Other new stuff

Apart from the aforementioned, Ubisoft brings two new maps via the said “For Honor” update. The first one is the Knight-themed Sentinel, which is located in the cliffiside watchtower. Interestingly, this map can be played using any game mode.

The second one is the Viking-themed map called Viking Village. It can also be played in various modes, though the Dominion is an exception. These maps should give players a new environment to play and enjoy.

As for the infamous exploit called Nobushi’s “unlock tech,” this has already been fixed. Ubisoft made sure that it will no longer exist in the game.

Apparently though, the exploit still somehow presents a problem. There are situations in which unlocking in the middle of an attack can result in the opponent being unparryable. The video game company promised to get this done, though they cannot tell an exact date. It is worth noting that this intended behavior does not necessarily mean that the exploit still exists.