An “Overwatch” player recently reported a glitch in the Ice Wall ability of Mei. The glitch reportedly allows her to go out of bounds on any map and even enter into the enemy spawn rooms. The glitch was discovered on the game’s Public Test Realm.

Ice Wall Ability glitch

One of the fan-favorite defensive heroes in “Overwatch” is the Climatologist Mei. Her weather-altering abilities and weapons are effective in slowing down opponents or shielding locations. Among her popular ability is the Ice Wall. When the climatologist uses her Ice Wall, she creates an enormous wall of ice that halts movement and blocks attacks.

Recently, however, it appears that this ability has a bug that could alter the balance of the game.

On Reddit, a user named Dimplicity shared its recent observation about the hero. According to the Redditor, Mei has the tendency to enter into the enemy spawn rooms when using her Ice Wall ability. Dimplicity also discovered that the heroine can go out of bounds on any map in the game. Several players have commented on the recent post and have observed that the glitch is highly exploitable.

In the past, Mei’s Ice Wall ability has encountered many bugs and glitches. However, this most recent appears to be the most troublesome. Aside from the potential of giving the opponent an undue advantage, it also enables the whole team to get into the opponents’ spawn points.

Blizzard has not yet commented on the latest issue about Mei’s Ice Wall ability. You can check out the video shared by the Redditor to see for yourself the latest glitch.

New animated short

Meanwhile, Blizzard released a new animated short that features Mei. The new video titled Rise and Shine was released on August 23 during the Gamescom 2017 in Cologne, Germany.

The latest animated short shows the back story of the in-game climatologist until she becomes one of the heroes of the game. The video starts with Mei in a station located in Antarctica as the team prepares for the incoming Ice Storm. The next scene shows her waking up from her capsule-like bunker. Escorted by her adorable and loyal companion, Snowball, the heroine later learned that she had slept for nine years in the cryo-chamber.

Mei discovered that among the team, she is the only one left. She does her best to communicate with the world and invented her Blaster in order to reach the communications tower. With the battery depleted, Snowball sacrificed its remaining battery so the heroine could achieve her goal. The latest animated short earned positive feedback from the “Overwatch” community.