Stunt actor Tim Neff's resume recently found its way onto the internet giving him credit for motion capture work on "Grand Theft Auto 6" and "Red Dead Redemption 2". As expected, this stirred conversations among ardent "GTA" fans but much to their chagrin, latest reports deem any indication of the game’s looming release as fake.

Next 'GTA' title is nowhere close to release?

Neff's resume suggests Rockstar Games is hard at works on the hotly anticipated sequel to its hit action-adventure video game. It's worth noting that "GTA 6" has been floating around the rumor mill for some time now; however, Rockstar has neither confirmed nor denied these speculations.

Neff was recently contacted by PCGamesN regarding his resume’s unexpected appearance on the internet but he debunked rumors surrounding his involvement in the development of the next "Grand Theft Auto" title.

Neff also confirmed that the resume did not belong to him. He explained that it is not his page and account. In fact, he claims he doesn't even know that website. Though he worked on "GTA V," he hasn't done anything since. Apparently, Neff is being "trolled online."

Avid gamers react

No prizes for guessing, this revelation threw cold water on previous reports that hinted at an impending arrival of "GTA 6." Avid gamers have been hoping that the Rockstar Games will release its long rumored title sooner rather than later, but now it looks like that's unlikely to come to fruition anytime soon.

There's also hearsay that Rockstar is currently in no mood to deviate its focus from its cash cow i.e. "GTA Online," and as a result, the company is not exactly bent on answering fans' prayers. Meanwhile, another report from The Christian Post suggests "GTA VI" is likely to make an appearance between 2020 and 2024, which, obviously imply that fans are in for a really long wait.

Release date and other details

Some reports doing rounds online point to 2021 as "Grand Theft Auto 6" release date. The speculation stems from an Easter Egg spotted in "GTA V" highlighting numbers on doors. At the same time, Wedbush Security Analyst Michael Pachter claims the sixth installment may hit the store shelves in 2024 citing the work it involves.

Multiple sources suggest the next "GTA" will be VR-friendly, which obviously would require more time to develop.

Interestingly, Rockstar Games has still not confirmed the existence of "GTA 6" but the studio is allegedly gearing up for the 2018 arrival of "Red Dead Redemption 2." Stay tuned in here for more "Grand Theft Auto" related news and updates.