While "Grand Theft Auto's" huge fan base continue waiting with bated breath for the next installment in Rockstar Games hit action-adventure video game series, the developer seems in no mood to answer their prayers.

Release date and other rumor roundups

It's no secret that the hotly anticipated title has been relatively delayed compared to its previous releases. As if that weren't enough, a report from ValueWalk suggests the sequel to "Gta 5" is highly unlikely to hit the store shelves anytime soon. The report attributes the delayed launch to the imminent arrival of the equally anticipated "Red Dead Redemption 2."

The website points to a slew of previously surfaced reports that indicate "GTA 6" will not make an appearance until 2024, which would be a considerable 11-year hiatus from the release of "Grand Theft Auto 5." For those unaware, the fifth installment in the much lauded "GTA" franchise was released on September 17, 2013.

Meanwhile, "GTA Online" continues to be the company's cash cow, allowing it to deviate its entire focus on the upcoming sequel to "Red Dead Redemption."

The website also brings up another report that suggested a more realistic 2020 launch date for "GTA 6." Nevertheless, Rockstar Games could postpone this to 2021 citing the huge amount of development required for this game.

Gaming platforms for the next 'GTA' title

While nothing is set in stone yet, the report cites an ongoing debate which centers on whether "GTA 6" will be released for next-gen machines or will the title appear on current console niche. If the studio's approach towards "Grand Theft Auto V" is anything to go by, the upcoming sequel will see a current gen release since this would provide the company a much-needed room to upgrade the game to upcoming machines.

Upcoming 'Grand Theft Auto' game could be VR compatible

While "GTA" fanatics continue hazarding all sorts of guesses regarding the upcoming title, one of the fascinating theories is that the game will be VR (virtual reality) compatible for the first time. Although this could spell a technical challenge for the company, there's a possibility that the PlayStation Pro could eventually address this concern.

Male or female protagonist?

The report also suggests that Rockstar Games could resort to using a female protagonist in the vast universe of "GTA 6," another first for the popular franchise. It's worth noting that the game developer has refrained from including a female lead character for the game stating the series' theme does not seem proper for a lady.

Much to the delight of PC gamers, there's hearsay that Rockstar Games will not waste a lot of time to release the title on PC considering how popular PC gaming has become. The company has neither confirmed nor denied these speculations yet. However, fans are advised to take these shreds of information with a huge grain of salt.