The Fast-Forward Button feature of “Final Fantasy Xii: The Zodiac Age” is a welcome addition to it as offers a big advantage to the players, old and new. While it obviously has a lot of pros, it sadly has some problems too. Here are my Pros And Cons of the fast-forward button addition.

Pro: Dungeon traveling made easy

The best way to travel through long-winding dungeons is this new feature called fast-forward button. With it, players will not get bored in going through long dungeons, wide fields, and much more. The previous version of the video game made players go through a long battlefield that would take almost 10-15 minutes to traverse, while with the latest feature cuts it into just almost two minutes only.

Pro: Grinding now easy to do

The problem with this video game in its original form was its method for grinding, which took too long to do and that resulted in frustration. With the help of the fast-forward button, it now makes grinding easier to do because it is all fast. Players can earn a lot of loot and experience in just a few minutes staying in dungeons, and that loot will result in a lot of in-game cash called Gil, which in turn can let them purchase higher level weapons and gear.

Job Points or JPs were not easy to acquire especially when doing grinding in dungeons. It took longer to do, and restorative items tend to run out quite quickly due to low funds, again due to no grinding at all.

With the help of the fast-forward button, players could grind on lower level dungeons and grind for JP in short bursts and just come back again if they gain more funds and items again.

Pro: Long boss battles now shorter

There will be in the later parts of “Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age” where players will have to fight big boss battles that will take a long time to finish.

With the help of the fast-forward button, these long boss battles will now be shorter to finish.

Con: Items to steal easy to miss

With fast gameplay speeds, players will have a hard time focusing on battles, and sometimes they will miss on using the steal skill on several monsters that have missable items. They can mend this problem by quickly changing the speeds to normal again, but with careless actions, they can easily miss the opportunity if they do not notice right away.

It is recommended that boss battles should not be fast-forwarded until they do not steal from them first.

Con: Interacting with the environment will be difficult

Fast gameplay speeds will also make the characters move very fast, which could make them difficult to control especially on dungeons and fields. Interacting with treasure jars and such will be a bit harder to do because they could easily pass by them with a slight touch, which is why they should slow down when they see such items on the field.

Con: Can easily wipe out the whole party

While the fast-forward button allows players to speed up the fights quite easily, it will be a problem if they meet some of the stronger monsters on the field of "Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age." This could easily wipe out the party right away especially if they are inflicted with negative statuses by the enemies.

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