Following Kyrie Irving’s request for a trade, LeBron James aired his devastation. After all, he thought the All-Star point guard would be there to help him make a legacy. Unfortunately, this might not be the case in the next few weeks to come.

Interestingly, the former NBA player Gilbert Arenas surfaced to share his own take on the ongoing Kyrie Irving trade, as reported by Bleacher Report. Contrary to what people will expect, he is not taking any side actually. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Arenas’ take on Irving’s trade

The publication reports that for Arenas, Irving and James need each other.

Otherwise, it will be unlikely for them to achieve success in the next season. The former superstar of the Washington Wizards said that Irving’s request for a trade is completely understandable. For him, he is young and achieving a name out of himself is only right. However, Agent Zero believes that Irving will not be able to win a championship without James’ help. The King, on the other hand, will not also be able to acquire another ring without the aid of a player with superstar caliber.

Arenas further explained that Kyrie Irving and James have different states of mind. When it comes to basketball, career, and even winning the championship, they totally differ. For instance, James wants to achieve more rings while Kyrie simply wants to display his talents as the team’s alpha dog.

Regardless, they consider these goals as the victory if achieved. Arenas went to say that James might be one of the best players in the league right now, but he still needs Irving. The latter, in particular, offered an interesting run last season, which helped Cleveland reach the finals.

Irving’s desire

Another player from the Washington Wizards offered his own take on the thought process of Kyrie Irving.

This is none other than John Wall. While the two may be on the same superstar caliber, they greatly differ. Wall, in particular, is considered as Washington’s main guy.

This is something that Irving wants to achieve, though he has a championship ring to offer. Wall, nonetheless, said that Irving’s decision is entirely understandable.

He is young, and like most players of his age, they want to make a name out of themselves. Obviously with James’ reign, taking the focal point is unlikely to happen.

Wall, however, iterated that playing with James can be beneficial. After all, he helped his teams (e.g. Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers) won a championship. Nevertheless, this does not always mean good for other superstars. In one way or another, they will have to be second to James’ prowess.