Naughty Dog has been one of the most successful game developers in today's Gaming Industry. They are known for their amazing game titles, such as the “Uncharted” series and “The Last of Us”. They also created some of the classic games, such as “Keef the Thief” and “Crash Bandicoot.” Recently, the company confirmed that they plan to create a new title, which might surpass the success of the “Uncharted” series. Considering how much success that the “Uncharted” series has achieved, fans can expect that the company's new game will be a total hit.

Naughty Dog might create a game that has a very interesting genre

According to Naughty Dog's Shawn Escayg, he said that the company plans to develop new types of games in the future. However, Escayg didn't say anything about what type of game it is. The only clue he left is that it might be a new “Uncharted” type of game and it will be bigger than the whole series. Due to this, fans got very curious and excited. Naughty Dog is known to develop games that never fails. It is believed that it will take some time before the company revealed their new title, as they are still developing the much-awaited “The Last of Us 2,” which is one of the most popular games that Naughty Dog has ever created. Escayg also said that teams from the company are now sharing their ideas for their new game.

What type of game should Naughty Dog create

Today's gaming industry is filled with online multiplayer games. Most of the popular games today are shooting games, MOBA games and RPGs. Naughty Dog should decide whether they create a game that will match against the popular games today or will they create a new game that no one has ever seen before.

The company is known for its story type of games. The combat system and graphics in most of Naughty Dog's games are very impressive. Implementing the visualizations of some of the company's games to an online multiplayer game will be amazing. However, the company will have to be very careful about it as fans are expecting really high from them.

Even though they are known to never fail from creating a title, they still haven't developed a massively multiplayer game before. It is rumored that the company might develop an online “Uncharted” game, which seems to be a brand new type of the multiplayer genre. Making an online “Last of Us” game seems to be unnecessary for some, as today's gaming industry has a lot of zombie survival games.