Video Games are intended for fun and entertainment and no one could have thought that such games played by kids would fetch a high price just 30 years after their invention. The very first form of video games were said to have been released in 1947 via a cathode ray tube amusement device but many believe that the video game industry really only developed and reached mainstream popularity in the 1970s and 1980s. That decade was when arcade video games, gaming consoles and home computer games were introduced to the general public.

Over the years video games produced, developed and released during the early stages of gaming became scarce and obsolete.

This caught the attention of video game fans and collectors alike. Such was the rich history of video games that people would pay a substantial amount for nostalgia and one-of-a-kind releases. Today we look at the most expensive games of all time.

Back in the days when every kid had a wish for a gaming console on every occasion possible, such as birthdays, Christmas and even graduation, they were so popular that many game cartridges were produced for numerous gaming platforms. Leading the competition were Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Atari. As most fans and collectors can relate to the nostalgia of the 8-bit era, they labor for that last, hard-to-find, incredibly rare, usually expensive piece that they must have before they can officially say that their collection is “complete.”

'Stadium Events'

Developed by Human Entertainment and published by Bandai for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

the game was intended for the company’s Family Fun Fitness mat. This was a soft, plastic controller that players walked, ran and jumped on, to make the game characters move, pretty much like the dance pad for "Dance Dance Revolution" for Play Station. Nintendo bought the rights for the game and the mat in 1988 and re-released them as "World Class Track Meet" and the "Power Pad" controller.

The game allowed players to compete in four different sporting events: 100M dash, 110M hurdles, long jump, and triple jump. The North American version of 'Stadium Events' is considered to be among the rarest NES games, having been sold for up to $35,100.

'Nintendo World Championships'

The Nintendo World Championships or NWC for short is considered as one of Nintendo's rarest and most valuable cartridge's ever released.

Collectors have paid more than $15,000 for a copy of the coveted game cartridge. The cartridge contains three customized minigames based on well-loved games like "Super Mario Bros," "Rad Racer," and "Tetris."

'Gamma Attack'

This Atari 2600 game is probably the rarest video game. Only one cartridge was manufactured by video game company Gammation, and the cartridge is currently in the possession of collector Anthony DeNardo, according to RacketBoy. DeNardo has listed the cartridge on eBay before, asking a $500,000 Buy-It-Now price.