The world of video games is full of adventure: Slaying dragons, disarming nukes, killing demons, and saving the world. There is no better way for a daredevil to end the day than to share this experience with a loved one. Occasionally, we come across games that feature the better half of the protagonist. Whether they play the role of a supporting wife or the bane of our main character's existence, these gaming wives bring out the best and the worst in them.

Ms. Pac-Man

Pac-Man's wife and mother to Jr. Pac-Man and Baby Pac-Man is certainly on the list.

She looks almost exactly the same as Pac-Man in the arcade games, except that she has a mole on her face, wears a red bow on her head, and is sometimes shown wearing lipstick. She starred in her own game with the same name, it introduced a female protagonist, new maze designs, and improved gameplay changes over the original Pac-Man. Ms. Pac-Man has garnered several achievements: Game Informer ranked Ms. Pac-Man 10th on the list of "The Top 200 Games of All Time," Entertainment Weekly called Ms. Pac-Man was one of the top ten games for the Atari 2600 in 2013 and Ms. Pac-Man placing 5th on Time's The 50 Best Video Games of All Time list in 2016.

Elena Fisher

As the wife of protagonist Nathan Drake and mother to the lovely Cassie, she is optimistic and cunning, driving Nate to keep moving forward.

When he hits rock bottom, Elena is the one to push him forward. Elena is an independent, strong female who is Drake's equal in the series. In the games, she is a reporter who accompanies Drake on his adventures. She has been called one of the strongest female characters in gaming. IGN named her the fourth best video game heroine and Games Radar ranked her 24th on their list of the 50 best game characters of the current generation.

Mary Sunderland

Mary was a kind, sweet young woman who spent the last moments of her life in emotional turmoil, distress and anguish after being stricken with a terminal disease. Her relationship with her husband came to a bitter end when the game's protagonist finally finished Mary's suffering by suffocating her in her bed with a pillow.

The game later reveals how it was not the dreading disease that killed Mary, but her husband James as Mary's caretaker, who eventually found the duty a burden.

Alice Wake

Alice Wake is the wife of Alan Wake. She is a well-known and accomplished photographer. She designed the covers of Alan's books and also does his promotional shoots. In the game, Alice notably keeps all the lights on, a result of her nyctophobia: an acute and irrational fear of darkness. Her disappearance is the main plot point of the game and a driving factor for Alan.